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Services & Solutions

What services do we offer

  • Web Application Development: We create application programs that resides on remote servers and are available to user's on any device over the intranet or internet. We are committed to use cutting edge technology to make the product far better than any competitor. We develop from creating plain text pages to complex Web-based applications, social network applications and electronic business applications using client/server side coding and database technology.

  • Software as a Service SaaS: We provide common delivery model for many business applications, including office software, management software, development software, customer relationship management (CRM), Human Resource Management (HRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

  • Custom Application Development: We build and design custom application development based on specific requirements and we help shape your ideas in exactly the way you want. Doing that we provide complete flexibility to our clients for developing their application and treat it as client driven application development.

You can choose to engage us for complete end-to-end solution or any of the services below. You decide the scope of our engagement and we work with you accordingly. We can build a product from scratch or support/extend your existing products.

We follow SDLC Process

  • Requirements Gathering: We will meet with your team and understand you core business. This will involve several rounds of interviews with your team and brainstorming sessions to understand your unique business goals and how we can help you achieve those. We will convert your business needs into technological specifications.

  • Creating design/prototype based on specifications: Based on what we gathered in the previous phase, we will design a system. During this stage we will be heavily engaged in meeting with our new partners for constant feedback. We will go through a number of modifications until we build a design that you are satisfied with. We will put your imagination into design documents and presentations to better understand what you can expect.

  • Developing the application based on the design/prototype: Once we agree upon the design, we will engage our highly talented people to build the system. While building the system we will keep in mind that we are using the latest cutting-edge technology. We will ensure that you have enough time to review the product and provide feedback.

  • Testing and implementing the application: At Trishil Technologies, we believe that Quality and business go hand in hand, so we engage highly experience and talented individual to test the product that we build for you. Quality Assurance is what we take care for you. Incorporating changes (if any) as per client’s feedback: We’re not done once we deliver the end product to you, because we understand that change is the life of any business. We’re here to cater to the constantly changing business needs.

  • Maintaining the application and providing post implementation support: We continue the relationship with you post-implementation phase. With the technology changing so rapidly, we totally expect maintenance needs arising and we promise to help you with that.

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Services & Solutions
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